Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Books that I've read on receiving

In general when a book that interests me is announced, I add it to my Amazon wish list, and when Amazon shows it as available and I reach 25$ to get free shipping (not hard since I have in general 20-30 books at least to consider buying on publication and of those I buy 50-60%, the rest I check out from the library, excerpts... and decide), I order it.

I have been doing this since Amazon introduced the wish list and it's been a very good way to save time and keep track of what I want.

This year I have read about 40-50 (new for me) novels, plus lots of short stories, parts of novels, rereads..., some bought years ago, mostly though bought this year or last year. There are 6 or 7 books that I've read completely on receiving, finishing them before starting another book (most times I have 2-3 books that I read from and at some point one starts grabbing me and I finish it before reading someting else)

They are:

In Fury Born by D. Weber - this one was not quite new since Baen offered it as an e-arc 4-5 months for publication, and I read it then (was 2005) in e form and as soon as received as print too. Any sf book by D. Weber or Peter Hamilton are of this type (read on receiving).
Path of the Fury which this book is a completionof (IFB is first half new, second half PofF) is one of my all time (top 100) favourite books and this one was great too

Ghost Brigades by J. Scalzi - to my surprise I loved when only expected to like Old Man War, which I bought based on the Amazon excerpt, so books by Mr. Scalzi moved to my buy on publication list and this one was read on receiving being a sequel to OMW. I liked it quite a lot, though it was far darker and with less of Mr. Scalzi's humour. Solidified Mr. Scalzi's place on my bop and ror lists

Hell's Gate e-arc by D. Weber/L. Evans - new series, yet only in prepublication e-form; I loved it and I will read the print book (rumoured to contain many edits vs the e-arc) on receiving too

Glasshouse by C. Stross - I received Glasshouse and Spin Control by C. Moriarty the same day, and since both were ror, I picked one at random. Glasshouse is the first book by Mr. Stross that starts to realize his potential as a great sf&f author. I liked his 2 space operas, and I own and read some of the Clan and Atrocity Archives books which are good but not more. Accelerando though read like a History of theNext x Years not like a novel and even the short stories from which it's a fixup while interesting, are mostly very flat. However Glasshouse is very good, finally a brilliant novel by Mr. Stross (Accelerando may be brilliant but as pseudo non-fiction not as a novel)

Here I mention Spin Control (so 6 or 7 ) which did not make my ror list just because of timing and luck; I loved Spin State and Spin Control is somewhat different but very good too. Any sequel remains on ror.

Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch - I rarely read debut books on receiving and this one was fantasy too, but it had great reviews and I was in a mood for a romp at that point and it did not dissapoint. It's very good though it still has fantasy tropes that I dislike (hierarchy, deus ex machina magic...) However it DOES NOT have elves, small furry animals and orcs - that's something that I really detest (of course except Nimitz ). The sequels are bop and ror.

Crossover by Joel Shepherd - another debut but more to my taste, space opera of the first order. Very, very good, sequels are bop and ror, though I am very tempted to order them from Australia where they have been published. If so, I will get the US editions too since the Australian ones being used, the author does not benefit and I really want to show my appreciation.



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